Infant Earth

6000 years old in its current form


At least once a week  you may hear the words “Millions of years ago.”  We hear it so often that many don’t question it any more and even try to fit it into their religious beliefs. We hear it so much that many take it as status quo and believe that there is no alternative. Although not often discussed there are many critical problems to the 4.6 billion year old evolution theory universe. invites you to look at the scientific world through the biblical lense and see how the Earth really is just a 6,000 year old infant.


“There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”

-William James

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

– Dresden James

Jupiter puts off twice as much heat as it receives from the sun. Just like a hot potato Jupiter can only be hot for so long before it loses its heat. If Jupiter was 4.5 billion years old, it would have cooled considerably or it must have an internal power source that can keep it hot for billions of years. Some models suggest that the core is undergoing nuclear fusion, but there are many problems with those models. At Jupiter’s current rate of heat loss it would have had to have been as hot as a super nova billions of years ago. Maybe the Bible was right.


 Diffusion models indicate that helium is produced from the Earth’s crust at a rate much faster than the amount escaping to outer space. If the earth is billions of years old, the radioactive production of helium in the earth’s crust should have added a large quantity of helium to the atmosphere. The low concentration of measured helium in the atmosphere suggests that the earth’s atmosphere is quite young. Maybe the Bible was right.


Rivers and underwater springs dump 457 million tons of sodium into the ocean every year. As the ocean only outputs 122 million tons of sodium, the ocean is increasing in salinity. If the earth were billions of years old the ocean should be much saltier than it is today. At the rate of increase the maximum age the Earth is 62 million years old which presents some major problems for the evolution theory. Maybe the Bible was right.


If sediments have been accumulating on the seafloor for billions of years, the seafloor should be chuck full with sediments many miles deep. Every year water and wind erode about 20 billion tons of dirt and rock debris from the continents into the ocean. Most of this material accumulates as loose sediments near the continents. Yet the average thickness of all these sediments globally over the whole seafloor is not even 1,300 feet. The ocean floor doesn’t show evidence of billions of years of sediment build-up.  Maybe the Bible was right.


Comets lose material every time they pass the sun. If a comet's orbit takes it too far from the sun then it will be lost to space. The maximum orbital period of a comet is about 11 million years as calculated by Kepler's third law. When combined with an estimate of how many trips around the Sun that a comet can survive, we can estimate the maximum age of comets. This figure is far less than the adopted 4.6 billion age of the Solar System. Evolution theory suggests a source for comets but has yet to be found. Shouldn't comets have vaporized billions of years ago? Maybe the bible was right.


Man with all of his technology has not been able to create any type of life even though he has tried. How can we be expected to believe that life just accidentally happened on its own?  How did one cell create itself and then create another? Evolution contradicts the scientific law of biogenesis, which states that life comes from life.  Evolution has no explanation as to how life began.

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